Food Services

Food inspires fellowship and connection with others. Our food services team works to create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere in the Ridge Bistro making newcomers comfortable and enriching friendships. 

Sunday mornings boast delicious lattes, espressos and hot chocolates with home-baked muffins. Supper and specialty coffees are offered on Wednesday evening for our church family to relax and fellowship together. 

A mini, dedicated army faithfully prepares coffees, baking and meals for others to enjoy. They also cater some events and have expanded to include church family funerals. Check us out and consider joining the mini army. Plus, invite your friends to join you in the Ridge Bistro! 


Café Servers for Sundays and functions, or prepare and serve coffee in our Café. 

Clean Up Crew
Help make messes disappear; help at Wednesday suppers or other events.

Food Service Prep
• Cook, serve food for Wednesday suppers.
• Become part of the Funeral Catering team.
• Prepare muffins and loaves for Sunday mornings.
• Plate and organize food for various functions.

For more information about our Food Services ministry please contact Brenda Reimer.